Our purpose



To nourish the spiritual lives of those in our congregation and our community by supporting the understanding and practice of Christian Science in bold, fresh ways.

We are a group of Christians committed to:

  • Understanding and living the inspired word of the Bible –and to following Christ Jesus.

  • Living Christian Science as Mary Baker Eddy taught.

  • Healing.

  • Loving and caring for one another, unconditionally.

  • A vibrant approach to the spiritual growth and education of children within

the congregation and the community.

  • Serving our community in ways that helps meet its needs and nourish spiritual lives.

  • Conducting our church activities in accord with the Manual of TMC, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

    • Finding and expressing fresh ways of praising God together.



  1. I don’t understand why an area as small as JP would have both a branch church and a society? Would it be feasible that another group may want to form a 3rd branch or society? Additionally, a member of tmc bod who lives in JP doesn’t either the branch or the society. He doesn’t even attend TMC but attends a branch church in another city, as I do. Very odd situation.

    1. Hi, Pat. While that may seem strange, there are — as there almost always are — logical reasons. Third Church, many of whose members live in JP, had already started the process that resulted in moving to the neighborhood when JP Society got started. We as a church decided that shouldn’t deter us from our plans, and we proceeded. The two groups do collaborate on projects and work together quite well! As for the director who lives in JP, but attends church elsewhere: people are free to attend church wherever they want, of course. He used to be a member of Third Church but now attends a church where he has other family members. We still love him!

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