Author: Karla

Always been a news geek; now I'm a social media geek, too. But the bigger picture: it's about communicating the idea. Powerfully. Compellingly. Engagingly. (Wait, is that a word?) Of equal weight: team-building. How do you create a team that gets behind the idea and supports it in a way that creates strength for the team itself and provides cement-like underlying foundations for the idea being backed by the team. It works every time.

Reading Room Hours – Updated August 27, 2017

Thanks in advance to all who avail themselves of the many benefits the Christian Science Reading Room has to offer – and to those who staff it! If you are unsure of its location, it’s at 351 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, in the center of the Hyde Square neighborhood.

The Reading Room hours are:

Wednesday ~ 5-7 PM

Thursday ~ 5-7 PM

Friday ~ 5-7 PM

Saturday ~ 1-4 PM

Sunday ~ 1-4 PM

CLOSED on Monday and Tuesday.



Tomorrow at 10:35am

We will all gather Sunday (tomorrow) at 10:35am, our last Sunday on October.

NEXT Sunday, and throughout November, church start time reverts to 9:30am.

So we’ll hear about punishment: is it everlasting? (Pro tip: no.)

See you soon @ 351 Centre St. in the Hyde Square neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.

Save the date!

tom-mcelroyLecturer Tom McElroy will be in the house Saturday, Nov. 5, to talk about what we’re all thinking about in this, um, interesting election year: Spiritual Discovery: How You Can Better Your World. His free one-hour talk is all about how Christian Science shows us how to change our thought, change ourselves, change the world. Join us @ 351 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, the Christian Science Reading Room & Bookstore. See you there!

Sunday *morning* church is back

Summer Sunday evening church is done for now. For September and October, we will jointly hold Sunday services and Wednesday evening meetings with our friends at the Jamaica Plain Christian Science Society. We’ll all gather at 9:30-10:30am Sunday @ 351 Centre Street in JP’s Hyde Square for a Bible Lesson-Sermon on Man. Street and public lot parking available. Join us!

Exploring Soul

5pm today, Sunday: join us for an hour-long exploration of Soul via readings, music and prayer. We’re at 351 Centre St. in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston; parking available on the street and in the public lot across the street. Sunday School for kids + teens happens at the same time and child care is available. Hope to see you there!